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    In 2020, two brothers began a passion project. Today, they are entrepreneurs who transform the window tinting industry with incredible quality work. Since then, 948 Customs has been providing top-notch tinting services.
    We perform expert glass tinting for your vehicle’s windows and lights. We can find the perfect fit for your car or RV tinting job with our wide variety of films. We also specialize in tint removal services and even car vinyl decals.
    Perfection is always the goal, and we go above and beyond to guarantee top-quality work and total client satisfaction. For affordable window tinting and excellent quality, reach out to 948 Customs in Hampton, VA, at (757) 902-1397 today!

Our Services

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Car Tinting

On a sunny day, you shouldn’t have to dread getting into your car and feeling the burn of your seats. You also deserve a smooth driving experience that comes without the stressful glare. Our car tinting services address heat and glare issues while also giving an aesthetic upgrade to your vehicle. We offer affordable window tinting and other tinting services that come with various benefits, including a more comfortable driving experience and protection against harsh light and UV rays. Contact us today about the many vehicle tinting services we provide, and we’ll be happy to help you determine the best tint for your unique vehicle.

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RV Tinting

948 Customs understands that when you invest in something as significant as an RV, you’ll want it looking and functioning at its very best. Professional RV tinting has both aesthetic and practical benefits for your vehicle. Every vehicle is unique. As a result, we have many different window films in stock. Our tinting services include window tinting, headlight, and tail lights tinting. The right auto tint will protect your vehicle from aggressive UV rays and sunlight glare while also regulating the overall temperature inside. For more information on our RV tinting or to get a quote, please call 948 Customs today at (757) 902-1397!

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Headlights Tinting

Whatever car model you might have, headlights tinting is a surefire way to secure a distinct, stylish look for your vehicle. This type of auto tint has benefits beyond just aesthetics, too: tinting your headlights can help protect them from dirt and damage, keeping them at their best. We also offer tail lights tinting for a comprehensive vehicle makeover with the same benefits. When tinting your headlights or tail lights, it’s crucial to strike the perfect balance between an effective tint and clear visibility. 948 Customs are the glass tinting experts you need to ensure that your car looks and functions its absolute best.

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Tint Removal

There are many reasons why you might need a professional, trustworthy tint removal service. First and foremost, DIY methods can easily lead to expensive damage to your vehicle, so it is best to leave all tint removal to the experts. Our specializes in tint removal and glass tinting, so if you want to remove a poorly-done auto tint job, we can replace it with excellent quality work instead. We will ensure that your tint not only looks but also functions flawlessly. If you are interested in additional services such as car vinyl decals, we can apply those as well.

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They did a great job with my Jeep. I asked for my front two windows to match the factory tint in the back and it looks spot on. Getting an appointment was super easy, I was in and out the next day. Highly recommend these guys.
-Ken L.

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Very reasonable price. Cool guys to work with. I highly recommend to anyone needing good quality tint service. Got my wife's lil Sentra looking nice??
-T. S.

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Me and my homie stationed in Norfolk. Both got 5 percent flawless with the life time warranty. Great vibe Amazingg people!!!! LIFE TIME CUSTOMER!
-Trey D.

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